The name White, catamaran / multihulls  are a major part of  UK multihull history and future. The family business of White Formula was started by Reg White  (Olympic Tornado Gold medallist) and is now run by his son Rob White and sons supported by the rest of the family.

The company has been involved in the manufacturing  of catamarans since the sixties and currently produce  hulls and parts under license  for some of the most popular and performance catamaran in the world including the Dart 18 and Sprint 15 catamarans.

Windsport work closely with the White team to maintain the quality  of production  making regular visits to their manufacturing facility at Brightlingsea Essex .

With White Formula’s close connection to multihull sailing from Olympic to club sailing,  their support for the Windsport multihull event in July 2019 is most welcome .

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Thankyou White formula for your support.

From the Windsport team.