Dart 15 – the catamaran with a very big heart!

Designed as the younger sister to the Dart 18, the Dart 15 does almost everything the Dart 18 can do and sometimes even more!

Its compact design is perfect for those who sail regularly single-handed, appreciate its simplicity of layout, speed and performance combined with durability and ease of launch. A true car-topper, the Dart 15 is the go anywhere catamaran on the roof rack or on the road trailer. Light to handle on and off the water by just one person, quick to assemble the Dart 15 (uni-rig) and Sport modes (dual rig with trapeze) and delivers a wide choice of sailing.

Perfect as a catamaran that can be sailed by ALL the family whatever their size or catamaran sailing ability, the Dart 15 is the true family cat that just loves the water.

Dart 15 – the catamaran where you mix pleasure with fun, racing with family and you can still go sailing on your own whatever the sailing conditions.

A few facts about why the Dart 15 catamaran ticks the box for you.

  • The UK’s most popular single handed catamaran.

  • Light, fast and responsive

  • A true, car-topping catamaran with optional split mast.

  • A great catamaran for leisure, club or regatta sailing

  • Extremely versatile, light to launch and recover single-handed or two person.

  • Available in “Uni-rig” or “Sport” mode with clean deck layout

  • Go sailing anytime single-handed or two person

  • Assembled & rigged by just one person, requires no dagger-boards or boom.

  • Active class association with events and championships.

  • Excellent sales, replacement parts and technical support.