Dear UK Catamaran Sailors,

It is disappointing for us all that the UK has needed to go back into various forms of “lock down” with many of our favourite sporting activities effected including our sailing.

With a month of shut down followed by the run up to Christmas, right now could be a very good time to get your boat back at home so you can get that list of boat jobs done you have been meaning to do since the start of the year.

During this lockdown period a member of the Windsport team will be on hand to provide technical support and advice should you need it.

In the garage or in your front room, these are boat jobs you can do during lockdown while watching the television or listening to your favourite podcast.

Boat Jobs List:

Mast down, derigged, hulls apart:

1) Hull and rudder blade gelcoat work

2) Wire inspection and running rigging

3) Rudder head assembly

4) Traveller and blocks condition

5) Mast ball and heel wear

6) Launching trolley cups and wheels

7) Sails and trampoline wear

Act fast before the Thursday Lock Down.

Reminder: A member of the Windsport team will be on hand during the Lockdown period to provide technical support and advice. We look forward to getting back to normal as soon as possible.

Keep safe, keep positive, keep smiling.

From the Windsport Team.

01326 376191

Photo: Loaded and ready for the trip home for some intensive TLC!