A little earlier than usual the Windsport team supported by Tom Laity from Trefusis Barton Farm set out, during a break in the weather, to recover Restronguet Sailing Clubs committee boat “Oyster” and ease her up to her winter berth at the top of the club dinghy park.

It’s always a tight squeeze past the club house wall, but the team made it look easy. There is no margin for error from the bottom of the slipway to the top of the boat park.

Chocked and secure she is ready for her winterisation and out of season work in preparation for a great 2021 sailing session.

Sadly the RSC frostbite race series has been severely restricted by the recent Covid restrictions, but we are looking forward to next years season!

Well done team, you’ve done it again!

  1. On the trolley & ready to go
  2. Lining her up to squeeze past the clubhouse wall
  3. Safely through and on her way to the top of the boat park
  4. (Main feature image) Chocked and secure for the winter.