The “Dart 18 catamaran” – one of the most successful  production one design catamarans on the world market.

Designed for the club racer, championship sailor,  regatta enthusiast, Dart 18 is the ALL sailors’ catamaran, quick to rig, fast to sail, challenging to race and simple to maintain. Designed to be sailed single-handed or by a crew of two, with active class associations in many countries, the Dart 18 offers you catamaran sailing for pleasure and club racing. But also regional, National and World Championship events for those with a competitive edge.

The Windsport Dart 18 team lie at the heart of Dart 18 racing and development. Wherever you are in the world there is always a friendly face, helpful advice and technical support just one online click or call way. Based alongside the UK’s south western coastal harbour of Falmouth, Cornwall, the Windsport team is dedicated to supplying you, via our widening network of regional Windsport “Dart Partners”, new Dart 18 catamarans and  genuine class legal replacements parts.

Join the Dart 18 fleet and become part of “The Family of Dart”.

A few facts about why the Dart 18 catamaran works for you.

  • Challenging to race single-handed or as a two person team.

  • Ideal for a wide range of sailors, ages, abilities and sailing team combinations.

  • Exciting to sail and quick to right after a capsize

  • Manufactured to the highest quality, supported by excellent after-sales service.

  • Simple but effective sail controls to turn wind power into boat speed.

  • Quick to rig, fast to launch and convenient to tow on the road.

  • Clean deck layout with no need for dagger-boards or boom.

  • Strong, light, low maintenance hulls and sailing equipment

  • Excellent Club, National and International class racing

  • Active class association support with training days and sailing events.