Launching the New Catparts Website.   Not only are we continually investing in the future of our products in terms of  manufacturing, we are also developing the way we facilitate our customers orders.  Our ordering process not only takes account of our UK customers but also we have an ordering gateway for all our International Agents as well.  Clearly this has been a task we have not undertaken lightly and a lot of background work has been put in by the Windsport Team.  The Website is live now so if you are looking for new boats, spares and replacement items for Dart 18, Sprint 15 and Goodall Design boats as well as all the other catamarans we service you know where to come.  We have had the first few successful orders already processed in our slick and organised manners.  The format is very similar to our old site so the transition for regular customers should not feel out of the ordinary. We do feel the new Catparts shop integrates much easier into our new format Windsport Website  and the new browsing, selecting items and check out procedures should be more user friendly.

New Catparts

Please keep your orders coming as we need the practice our end  and we clearly are new to this so welcome any feedback or criticisms you may have so drop us a line at