English Braids are the rope and line supplier to Windsport and keeps the Windsport team up to date with all their latest developments.

Every  dinghy, catamaran, keel boat and yachts  has shockcord attached somewhere on their craft, as takeaways, anti-snagging  and a host other uses .
English Braids latest developments has delivered a SUPER shockcord that delivers better stretch , longer life, less fiction and higher braking loads.

Windsport will be stocking  this latest  shockcord product from English Braids in 4mm, 5mm 6mm  diameter and will be using it on a number of  Windsport products .

This “Super shockcord” can be bought  from Windsport off the reel by the meter from Windsport on our Catparts website www.catparts.windsport.co.uk   or from our home base chandlery.

Just check out those advantages.

  1. a) UV stable
  2. b) Lower friction for take up systems
  3. c) Harder wearing than standard products
  4. d) Higher brake  loads 300kg+
  5. e) Less kinking compared to standard shockcord.


Call in at Windsport Falmouth or visit www.catparts.windsport.co.uk