The Windsport Pits…  no association with Coal pits but equally energetic – the Windsport team “at the coal face!”  Brian working hard servicing another satisfied client – And we would add that Brian is not unusually small it is just that his client is exceptionally tall!
Hoping to see all the Dart crews and supporters at the Welsh Wednesday  Sponsors Party Night

Keep unto date with the Dart 18 Europeans at the scenic Mumbles Yacht Club in Wales here

and for a fantastic array of photos from the event try here

Many thanks to our Class supplier helping with tonights event:

  • RWO Marine – RWO Marine supply a large amount of the fittings and equipment used on the Dart 18 and a number of Windsport licensed parts.
  • Wave Loft – Waveloft manufacture under license all the covers and protective items listed on the Catparts website for Dart18.
  • English Braids – English braids supply all the ropes and lines used on new boats and supplied by Windsport at events during the year.
  • Windsport International – Licensed supplier of Dart 18 worldwide and the home of Dart 18 for new boats and replacement parts . Windsport works with all appointed manufactures to provide the quality service and product that makes Dart 18 production one design sailing such a success .
  • Cad Kat – Manufacturer of  “The Big Wheel Launching Trolley” with unique roller bearings ideal for soft sand and rock beaches. Windsport stock Cad-Kat trollies and replacement parts.
  • White Formula – Windsport’s appointed manufacture of composite material Dart 18 hulls and equipment.
  • Hyde Sails – Hyde sails appointed manufacture of the Dart 18 production one design sails for Windsport under license.

At 1900 there will be Cawl (Welsh stew) kindly supplied by Verve 37 followed by a Twmpath featuring Céilidh band Rough Edge.