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Recent News and upcoming events

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Dart 18 South West Championship

Entry numbers for the 2016 Dart 18 South West Championships / GP4 event in July, were completely full some months ago with a awaiting list of Dart 18 teams hoping to join in should any team drop out last minute.


The event kicks off, with the “Windsport Harbour Challenge”, a race against the clock on the Friday for teams that can get away from work early! The challenge takes teams around Falmouth Harbour, up the creeks and down the rivers before returning to the Windsport beach and boat park for a BBQ sponsored by the Windsport team and the  ONE Mile End Brewery. The One Mile End Brewery team will have  a couple of their award winning ales on Tap  along with their own Gin products and mixers so refreshments for ALL! Check them out : 
The event racing takes place on the Saturday / Sunday where the pre-entered forty strong Dart18 fleet will be racing within the harbour giving families and spectators a birds eye view of the leaders and chasers as they race around the course. Restronguet SC will have catering laid on thought the two days and with boats tucked up for the Saturday night in the Windsport boat park the evenings, beach party and live bands entertainment sponsored by GJW insurance brokers will keep the party going with great music .GJW
For extra beach party tickets contact us at Windsport or you can buy tickets from Cafe Mylor
So an action packed three days for those already entered and for those who just missed out this time around get your entry in early for 2017 !
Spectators welcome , follow the signs to Windsport from Mylor Harbour.
June 7, 2016 More

UK Dart 18 National is ramped up @Windsport


UK Dart 18 National Championships

The UK Dart 18 National championships celebrate 40 years of Dart 18 sailing at Stokes Bay Sailing ClubUK Dart 18 National this coming bank holiday and  a host of sailors from over the years will be there to race and join in the celebrations.

If you have not already entered  you need to get your on-line entry form in right now to be part of the event.

Entry Fees:

For those of you intending on competing in the 2016 Dart 18 Nationals but have not yet entered, you have until midnight 20th May 2016 to take advantage of the £175 (£135 Single-handed) entry fee.

As from 21st May 2016 the entry fee increases to £190 (Single-handed £160).

Please also remember to pay for your camping at the same time as your entry.

Full details of the event can be found on the Dart 18 UKIDA Website  here

Windsport Dart 18 support trailer will be on site from mid day on Friday 27th May to keep sailors on the water. The Windsport trailer and technical staff will be on hand during the whole event to answer questions, help with boat maintenance and even sell you a new race winning boat !!!

40 Years of Dart 18 sailing, racing and championships are well worth a celebration and will only come around once.   So make that special effort to be there – as always you will be rewarded with great sailing, great atmosphere and great socials (only better!!),  plus you will be able to say “ I WAS THERE”

Contact Windsport  if you need any replacement parts taken to the event ready for collection.  Click on the following link to get your order in before Monday 12.00pm to save on any delivery charges. 

We look forward to seeing you there!!!

The Windsport team.


May 18, 2016 More

Sprint 15 @ Marconi

Sprint 15 @ Marconi

Those Sprint 15 sailors who did not make the Marconi Open meeting event last weekend, missed a very special weekend.  Sprint 15 @ Marconi

Great club, great welcome, great racing and great organisation, thx Jenny!Sprint 15 @ Marconi

Windsport supported the event with our unique technical and replacement parts service ensuring everyone was kept on the water during the event. Kevin Kirby took delivery of his new boat, looking very smart and will give it, its first taste of the water in the next few weeks.

Sprint 15 sailors get out on the water whatever the conditions  and this weekend was no exception, northerly breeze with gusts above 25 knots and sharp chill factor!   The Sprint 15 fleet enjoy a variety of race course  making event racing varied and  interesting,square courses , inverted P courses  are options alongside the traditional upwind / downwind  options or Olympic triangles. The Marconi event  includes a very special around the island  race with all its natural hazards, wind shadows and potential trouble spots! And this year the reaching leg back to the finish was just a perfect Sprit 15 blast.

So  if you  are a Sprint 5 sailor and you missed out on this event make sure you sign up for the next event @ Sprint 15 @ Marconi Kent. If you are new to sailing or want to get into catamarans  the Sprint 15  offers  a great class, friendly event circuit and excellent manufacture support on and off the water.

For more information about Sprint 15  contact / visit :-

April 27, 2016 More

Windsport Sprint 15 Support – Off to Marconi we go!

Windsport Sprint 15 Support Off to Marconi  TT event Windsport Sprint 15 Support Off to Marconi  TT event

The Sprint 15 class has got off to  a cracking early season start with a  great  class training weekend attended by new and current sailors alike + a very promising  turn out for the Marconi SC event  this weekend .

The class goes from strength to strength, with second hand boats being snapped up  on a regular bases and new boats coming into the fleet all the time .

This weekend the Windsport event support trailer and team will be at  the Marconi SC event providing the service and support that has contributed to making the class so successful providing technical  and replacement parts support along with coaching tips from one of the Windsport Catamaran coaching team.

For more Sprint 15  catamaran information contact the Windsport  team.  01326 376191

April 20, 2016 More

Windsport support trailer @ Dee SC Dart18 Event

Dee SC Dart 18 GP1Windsport support trailer @ Dee SC Dart18 Event

Dee SC hosted the first Dart 18 GP event of the year supported by the arrival of the Windsport event support and technical support trailer 1st thing Friday morning.  Blue skies and great breeze saw the  Dart 18 fleet preparing to launch with regular visits to the Windsport trailer and support team for replacement parts and advise. By the time the fleet launched the wind had dropped  to a whisper and the fleet were sent back ashore . With the tide turning the days racing was cancelled with high expectations  for the following day that was forecasted to be windy!!Windsport support trailer @ Dee SC Dart18 Event

Dee SC is a true members club where everyone pitches in and the evening socials are something they are worthy to be proud of, thankyou Dee SC for a great weekend.

Day two and the wind was back in with gusts of 28kts  leading to a few capsizes and a bit of work for the Windsport support team to keep boats on the water.  Day three was no better and even worse  so no sailing and an early trip home for everyone including the 400mile mile return trip for Windsport to their home base.

The Windsport event support trailer is a unique comprehensive service that no other catamaran or dinghy fleet provides regularly at  class events. Sailors joining the Dart 18 Class and attending Windsport supported events  can be confident that  the Windsport team is there to keep them on the water and offer advice whatever happens during the event.

For more information on  Dart 18 class sailing and  Windsport  technical / event support contact the Windsport Team.

March 30, 2016 More

Best Value Performance Catamaran at the show – Viper F16

Clearly the Best Value performance Catamaran at the show in our Viper F16 Race Boat

I  you are looking for a fast Cat and at an amazing price then read on ??Best Value Performance Catamaran at the show Viper - Goodall Design

Best Value Performance Catamaran at the show Viper Goodall DesignAnyone visiting the catamaran island at the recent RYA Dinghy Show could only be impressed by the best value for money performance catamaran, on display at the show.  The race F16 Viper from Goodall Design was displayed on the stand.  Some people  mistook it  for a brand new boat! and at price of £9,450 it  was clearly great value  for money.  The Viper is perfect for lighter catamaran sailing teams and  has demonstrated its performance in F16 sailing around the world. The UK F16 fleet will be racing alongside the F18 class at many events in the UK  during 2016  so now is the time to take on the challenge  of double trapezing with gennaker!

For more information on, new or second-hand  F16 Vipers contact the Windsport team direct :-

01326 376191

March 11, 2016 More

The RYA Dinghy Show 2016 – Reflections

Wow what can we say but well done to the RYA Dinghy Show team and all those UKCRA – Catamaran Sailing people for helping to make the Catamaran Island such a success and helping share the ‪#‎LoveCatSailing‬ feeling.

Dart 18Dart 18 New boat handover at RYA Dinghy Show

We were delighted to see the UK Dart 18 Catamaran DartClass really pushing their 40th Anniversary year and loved the fact that they thought being next to the ‘Bar’ turned out to be less of the liquid refreshment variety and more of the Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing Stand!  We completed a hand over of a fabulous new Dart18 fresh from the mould to a very proud owner Ben Willis.




Cat Batten performance for fully battened dinghy and catamaran sails

Windsport Catbatten

Once again the Catbatten display was widely  touched and discussed with plenty of ‘hands on’ bending of the various stiffnesses  and thicknesses available.  


We did receive many favourable comments on their stiffness to weight ratio.  



Sprint 15

The Sprint 15 Association also had a shiny newSprint2Sprinthandboat complete with launching trolley although they did seem a little perplexed by the new special order ‘square wheels’!  With another active Class association it is clear to see why this particular catamaran dinghy is so well supported.












Viper F16 Goodall Design

Formula 16 – The Viper from Goodall Design


We certainly think with the Viper F16 from Goodall Design
was one of the stand out boats at the show and generated a lot of interest. It certainly looked the part and we had more than a few Viper owners sharing their conviction as to what a fabulous boat it is too.
With all the positive energy we took from Alexandra Palac
this year it certainly looks like it will be a well supported season on the water.  As far as the RYA Dinghy Show goes all things point us in a very positive direction for us as a Catamaran Fleet and are looking forward to a bigger and better supported Catamaran Island next year with WhiteFormula UK also looking to join in with their new foiling catamaran too.

The RYA Dinghy Show 2016 – Reflections

Venturing out of Cornwall for the weekend, especially one where our patron Saint of St Piran is celebrated it does give you a reasonable drive to reflect on things.  One of the most positive factors we took home with us as we tracked back to a sunny Cornwall is the strength in depth of the UKCRA Youth training and its momentum.  Although it is in transition with a new Nacra 15  being adopted by the Royal Yachting Association, it certainly looks like Catamarans are a very attractive option to many young sailors and can offer a real option for progression towards achieving Team GB selection for the The Olympic Games.  The efforts that UKCRA put into driving this forward is highly commendable and to see a Spitfire Catamaran(The current youth Cat) on the RYA Sailing Stand was a very positive step.
Finally we must not forget we also took time out  to hand out someRestronguet Sailing Club flyers promoting Falmouth-Restronguet Sailing Club Dinghy WeekDinghy Week for 2016 and also promoting our Dart 18 SW Championship & UKIDA GP event to add to the celebrations of 40 years of Dart 18 sailing right back where it all began! We are certainly lucky to have such a fabulous venue to train  our clients in as well as such an active sailing club that organises such great racing too.

March 11, 2016 More

New Boats & Battens – February delivers

Shiny New Boats & Battens

Dart 18 and Sprint 15 HullsFebruary finishes with a flourish as we take delivery of new Dart 18 and Sprint 15 hulls fresh from the moulds at White Formula 


On top of this we are busy producing battens for all the new orders that are to be delivered to the lucky UKIDA members and Sprint 15 Association members who took advantage of the March delivery deal.

We are also producing stock for the next few months to keep apace of all our online orders too..  Looking at these pictures it gives only a snippet of what goes into the finished product that slots into your batten pockets.  Catbatten Production

The time consuming and messy job of individually cutting these battens and the meticulous quality control, finishing and labelling them all leaves all our customers with a very high quality strength to weight ratio taped batten.

Catbatten Production

March 4, 2016 More

Dart 18 – New Deck Jig after 40 years!

New Deck Jig in production

Windsport are continuing to re-invest in the future of the Dart 18 Class with the manufacture of a new deck jig to fit all Dart 18 and Sprint 15 Decks to hulls with the same precision they have used for the last forty years.

This is a crucial and time consuming exercise in precision engineering to ensure every hull can be finished within the same consistent and high tolerance build parameters.

Deck Gig

Deck Jig

This tool is in the final stages of production and once it has passed all quality control parameters it will be responsible for ensuring every deck on a Dart 18 and Sprint 15 hull will be fitted to perfection.

This is just one of many areas you will see Windsport re-investing in the Class – Hardware, support and coaching we are ensuring this class will be strong for many years yet!

February 24, 2016 More

March Means RYA Dinghy Show Madness.

RYA Dinghy Show – here we come!

All the stops are currently pulled out getting everything ready for the RYA Dinghy Show Follow this link to book your tickets here if you haven’t already done so.   The Windsport team will be on hand talk “Catamaran” and are happy to discuss any of your class, club or individual catamaran coaching requirements for 2016.  We are already getting booked up so this is the perfect opportunity to sit down and chat about injecting some accelerated pace into your sailing the year ahead

For a full guide to the event go to this  link:

RYA Dinghy Show

Dart 18, Sprint 15 and the F16 Viper are all at the show.

The UKIDA Dart 18  is the first stand you will come too is the West Hall on stand F22.  Once again we are incredibly proud to say that this class is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year and there are some great National and local events lined up.

The Sprint 15, and Goodall Design Viper F16 is on the UKCRA Catamaran Island on stand B12 in the Great Hall.  We will be on hand with a whole heap of experienced catamaran sailors who can help you with any class or boat information.

We have a Catbatten Competition once again on B12 so if you want to be in with a chance of winning you need to show your face and sign up next to the F16 Goodall Design Viper.

RYA Dinghy Show

You have to get to us to stand a chance.


February 24, 2016 More