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Viper Worlds 2017 – Royal Geelong Yacht Club

As the UK distributor for Goodall Design we are following with avid interest the World Championship which is currently taking place.  The Royal Geelong Yacht Club is hosting the high performance F16 racing and have so far been blessed with a wide range of great sailing conditions.

For more info on the championship check out the event website:

If you are interested in test sailing a Goodall Design Viper or purchasing a complete boat or spares please call the Windsport Team on 01326 376191 for more info.

January 11, 2017 More

Christmas RIB trip to St. Mawes

Boxing day with Windsport out on the water, en route for a Christmas drink at St Mawes, near Falmouth. We took the RIB and caught this amazing drone footage.

Just goes to show that Windsport is the perfect location – at any time of the year.

December 31, 2016 More

Christmas Wishes from Windsport.

ChristmasWishing A Very Merry Christmas to one and all from the Windsport team.  We hope you, your family and friends have a great Christmas break in the coming few weeks.
Windsport will also close up shop from the 21st Dec to the 3rd January.
See you all in the new year!

Brian and the Windsport team.

December 22, 2016 More

Christmas Crackers from Windsport

Make sure your wish list Christmas stocking is full of just what you wanted with our Christmas Crackers!

If you are looking for some great ideas to protect your boat and keep in it tip top condition.  We are offer Free Shipping to UK Mainland Postal Addresses on all the following items that have put at the top of our Windsport Christmas Hamper:

– Skeg Protectors – either the Compact Size at £69.16 or the Big Wheel Option at £131.84 

Christmas Crackers Skeg Protectors

The Emergency Pack – At just £29.70 It is the perfect band aid to keep you on the water.

Christmas Crackers - emergency kit

Some might say it is the best made cover on the market! – We know it as the AirflowBoat Cover  – £345.28

Christmas Crackers Airflow Dart 18 Cover

If you want to keep your foils in top condition then you probably will want a set of Rudder Covers – £79.75

Christmas Crackers Universal Rudder Covers

The NEW Travel hull stretch covers – £296.52, protect your boat when on the road or in storage

Stretch Dart 18 Hull Cover Christmas Crackers

Finally why not treat yourself to a Professional Coaching Session on the water with the Championship winning Windsport Coaching team.  Personal Sessions from £100 – E-mail or call the office to find out what option would suit you best.


December 3, 2016 More

Goodall Design Boats – Price Freeze

Goodall Design Boats – Price Freeze

The price of Windsport’s F16 and F18   Goodall Performance Catamaran racing products,  C2 and Viper, have frozen fast for the start of the Winter.Goodall Design Price Freeze

Working with manufacture, Goodall Catamarans, the Windsport team have some great deals on new boats and some very special deals on their own Windsport C2 and Viper race catamarans.

As you plan for the 2017 season now will be the best time to contact Windsport and see what is on offer! The Winter package melts away in mid December so get your skates on before that date.


Also check out our 2016 Windsport Race Viper is now available with a range of accessories – This Race winning Formula 16 (F16) is all ready to go to a good home.

Contact :-

Windsport catamaran sales and technical support.

01326 376191

October 21, 2016 More

Shrimper Centre Board Face Lift

Shrimper Centreboard face lift

At the start of the 2016 season the Windsport team received a “ can you help” call from Philip  owner of  Shrimper Rebecca. The boat had been launched back into the water for the start of the season and first trip out the centreboard would not budge. A quick conversation between Philip and Windsport lead to drilling a hole in the top of the centreboard box and giving the top of the centreboard a hefty  clout with a sizable steel punch . Job done and centreboard now down there was clearly a longer term problem  and it was likely to be corrosion build up ( rust) on the sides of the board.

Cornish Shrimper Centre board Rust

Keen to get as much sailing in as possible during the season Philip lived with a centreboard that could not be raised above half way and  asked Windsport to sort the problem nearer the end of the season.

In the last weeks of September Rebecca duly arrived off the Windsport beach and was floated onto the Windsport pull out trailer to start work .

With the hull hoisted into the air on strops the centreboard, with some persuasion, was forced out of the box along with flakes of rust and corrosion . The centre-board slot  dimensions were checked to confirm there was no swelling of the casing and given a good clean.

It was also the opportunity to inspect the rudder drop down plate by removing the pivot bolt and dropping the plate out. Just as well we did as the plate had totally warn though at the bolt hole and was ready to drop out!CornishShrimper Rudder drop down plate

Two weeks later , after the centreboard got the royal treatment of sanding back the significant corrosion build up to sound metal  followed by anticorrosion treatment,  layers of  epoxy followed by a gelcoat surface and antifouling the centreboard along with a replacement rudder plate from Cornish Crabbers was ready to reinstall.

Lining up the pivot bolt hole in the centreboard casing with the centreboard is always a challenge, but using a jig and some careful adjustment things go to plan.

The centreboard has successfully been re-inserted with a new pivot bolt, seals and lifting strop fitted + some repairs to the top of the centreboard box.Cornish Shrimper Restored Centre Board

All done and checked Rebecca was relaunched and placed on the Windsport mooring ready for Philip to collect and sail back to her own mooring at Loe beach .

Job done and another Shrimper with a centreboard that now goes up and down  like magic!

Windsport  Shrimper Services.

October 12, 2016 More

Falmouth Shrimper Association Sail Offer

Shrimper Sail Offer

As you know Yesella sails withhyde Hyde sails that are now a few years old so I was thinking of replacing them this winter.  The Hyde sail designer has been down to sail Yesella and note any small modifications within the class rules specification.  If anyone is interested joining a group purchase over the winter Hyde are offering a special winter saving to us as a group.
Standard price
1) 2017 Gaff Mainsail including 2 x reefing points, cross cut construction, including sail bag . Material 5.53oz HM Challenge woven polyester. Std price £435 + vat
2) Furling Jib, cross cut construction, complete with sail bag . Material 5.530z HM Challenger woven polyester. Std price £265 + vat
Nb. Additional UV sun-strip per sail £75 + vat
Sail colour options :- Tan, Cream, White.
Special Winter Discount
As a one off Hyde are offering a limited number “Winter discount” to Falmouth Shrimper owners as follows.
20 % discount on retail price on all orders placed before 14th October 2016 requiring a 50% initial down payment.
Balance of payment to be paid on delivery in 2017.
This brings the special price of a mainsail from £435 to £348 + vat.
Jib from £265 to £212 + vat .
Shipping cost for collection from Windsport £ 21.95.
If you are keen? want to know more details? Or wish to place an order contact Brian or Cookie at Windsport.
Tel: 01326 376191

September 26, 2016 More

Dart History – The First Mast

Dart History  The First Mast

The Dart 18 took over 2 years to go from concept to production . During that
time exhaustive testing was done on all the parts that made up the final
production boat  specification. Dart History The First Mast
The mast was one of the biggest challenges, being light enough to be righted
by a singlehanded sailor , yet strong enough to withstand the loads it could
be subjected too.
Sections of the original  pre-production test mast are  part of Dart history
and this picture shows the top section with a welded halyard hook, rather
the stainless steel hook we are all so familiar with .
Brian Phipps
Dart 18 history

September 20, 2016 More

New Dart 18 hulls for stock and customers –

New Dart 18 Hulls

We have recently collected more new Dart 18 hulls from Whiteboarders UK to bring us back up to date with stock after a recent run on new boat sales.  We are now ready to fulfil upcoming orders with complete boats in stock, along with all class spares – available from our Catparts Website.

New Dart 18 Hulls



September 14, 2016 More

Sprint 15 Nationals at Pwllheli Yacht Club

Sprint 15 Nationals

Sprint 15 Flags Fly over Pwllheli Yacht Club.


All Smiles and  Success @ the Sprint 15 Catamaran National Championships 


The Sprint 15  catamaran 2016 National Championships, hosted by the Pwllheli Sailing  Club from their new building looking out over the beach took place over the August Bank holiday.  Sailors from all over the UK and further afield, Hong Kong,  took part both single handed and two up.


Sprint 15 Nationals Fleet Photo


Family Sprint 15 Crews

Windsport with their event trailer and team were there in support with replacement part and mobile workshop keeping the teams on the water and providing  Sprint 15 related coaching tips.

Good weather and excellent race officer  work ensured all the races were completed  with a clear “father and daughter” team winning many of the races making them 2016 overall national champions.

Sophia ( 8 yrs. old) and father Sean Mac Keene lead the way in the results racing two-up as one of the family sailing teams alongside  a strong fleet of uni-rigged single- handed sailors.

The success of the family duo  confirmed what a truly  versatile  family boat the Sprint 15 catamaran can be  providing  fun, speed, simplicity, class and technical challenge for a wide range of sailors.  The next   big  Sprint 15 event will be the “Grafham Catamaran Open 22-23 October  and the class welcome all Sprint 15 sailors  and those individuals / families keen to find out more about the class to join them over the weekend.


Sprint 15 Nationals Prize giving


Pwllheli Beach park

Overall results as follows :-


1st  Sophia & Sean McKenna

2nd Stuart Snell

3rd  Paul Grattage




For more information about the Sprint 15 and  class contact :-

Windsport :-

Sprint 15 class association


August 29, 2016 More