Windsport catamaran Coach Tom Phipps shows he is just as comfortable  at the front end of the boat as he is at the back.  Tom Phipps  is currently sailing with Lucy Macgregor on the Nacra 17  and are a team in the GBR RYA Olympic catamaran squad.

When Tom is not focused on his  Olympic training and racing he is  fleet racing in a host of other catamarans fleets .  These include the  F18,  F16 as well as Sprint 15 and Dart 18.

Tom is an integral part of the Windsport Coaching team and he can be regularly found delivering all levels of personal, club and class Windsport coaching.

If you want to see your knowledge and skill base improve  as well as pushing your results towards the top of the fleet you will certainly benefit from  coaching from the Windsport team.   E- mail for more information.

Tom and Lucy in training mode – RYA multi-hull training camp Spring 2013