Windsport coaching moved to Hong Kong for a few weeks in November  working with a host of catamaran

sailing teams from the two major catamaran clubs in the region. The intensive coaching sessions took place from Lantau Boat Club on the beach at Discovery Bay a short ferry ride from Hong Kong Island. A series of group and individual coaching sessions were on offer leading up to the main catamaran regatta event of the year in the region. The range of catamarans sailing in Hong Kong requires  a broad depth of knowledge in numerous types of boats, Hobie 16, Dart18, Nacra Fusion, Hobie Tiger, Nacra 500 and a few others, something that Windsport delivers. Such was the success of the Windsport coaching there is a plan to do it all again early in 2012 while the wind still blows! Windsport has been providing specialist catamaran coaching in the region for over 12 years, working with a number of sailors who have gone on to sail at world class events with medal success.