Hot catamaran sailors need hot boats!

Windsport, UK’s leading  Fun and  Sports Catamaran specialists have a fleet of catamarans that are hot to trot in 2018 from fun cats to performance racers, double trapeze / gennakers to the latest  sports catamaran foilers.

Getting into “cats” and catamaran sailing is fast becoming the way forward across the sailing world and the Windsport team of specialist  catamaran instructors and coaches can help you select the right choice of catamaran to meet your sailing ambitions.

Current and future catamaran sailors talk or visit the Windsport team to gain  catamaran skills, search out new and used catamaran options or replacement parts.

Windsport is located right beside the water with access to a prime piece of catamaran sailing  open water real-estate.

The team have everything you need to up your catamaran skills, buy your own boat or replace your specialist catamaran part.

For more information contact the Windsport Catamaran Team

+44 (0) 1326 376191