Windsport Cat coaching at Parkstone YC .

The Parkstone cat class sailors in Poole Dorset have a great variety of Dart 18 sailing teams racing on a regular basis, but they also genuinely  recognise that whatever their personal performance level is a weekend of specialist coaching provides an injection in the arm  and puts them in a far better position to tackle any of the various Dart 18 championships in the near future.

Windsport catamaran coaching travelled to Parkstone YC recently to deliver just that.  Over the two days of upwind and downwind skills, sessions on tactics as well as exercises and discussion the  Parkstone  Dart  sailors raised their game and tested out new ideas they would never have the chance to evaluate during club racing, an open meeting or even a championship event.

The Windsport coaching team wish Parkstone YC  Dart 18 sailors every success at their next race event were they can put into practise what they have gained from their training weekend.

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