We are clearly biased but a considerable amount of our experience went into the latest edition of the Catamaran Book (Third Edition) for all things related to beach catamarans and we feel it is a great reference for anyone no matter what their experience.

Launched at the RYA Dinghy Show &  published by Fernhurst Books is getting some great reviews – the leading German watersports publisher, Delius Klasing, said of The Catamaran Book: “the best of all currently available (catamaran book) titles internationally”.

The following South African review came in with the conclusion :” If you are arrogant enough to think that you know everything about catamaran sailing, then this book is NOT for you.  But for those willing to open their minds and learn more, their new found knowledge will see them rapidly rising up the leader board and quickly challenging the arrogant ones.”Catamaran Book CATAMARAN BOOK press release ZA