Windsport’s Flyaway jib stick system for Shrimper sailors.

Running downwind with the jib goose-winged  on a Shrimper is a delight, but getting there or carrying out a gybe with a fixed pole or in a racing situation can be  taxing for the crew and a  serious challenge singlehanded!

The Windsport flyaway jib pole system offers a solution with a single control line leading to the cockpit that lowers the pole and sheets the jib to the end of the pole all in one go.  A little practise and understanding is needed to ensure a smooth operation but the result is a quick and easy way to set  and gybe your jib when sailing down wind.  A complete or part kit is available from Windsport which you can then rig and attach yourself or alternatively Windsport will fit it for you.

For more information contact the Windsport Shrimper team.