CatParts – the one stop catamaran shop

Windsport and our specialist catamaran team are here to keep you and your catamaran on the water worldwide.

Our knowledge and expertise of everything to do with beach launch catamarans, makes us the first port of call when you need support.

  • Replacement parts
  • Technical advice
  • Hard to answer questions
  • Buying a catamaran new or second-hand
  • Training or coaching.   

The Windsport online Catparts shop is a website open 24/7 and our technical support service is open during office hours via phone or email.

Dart 18 / Sprint 15/ Goodall Viper (F16) / Goodall C2 (F18) are the beach catamarans Windsport manufactures and services as an appointed UK supplier, but we stock a whole range of  other catamaran parts and accessories – both new and used including parts for Dart 16, Topaz 14/16, F18, F16, Hobie 16, Hobie Tiger etc.

Everything might not be on the website but we are just one phone call, or email, away.



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  • Licensed supplier and manufacture of :- Dart 18 & Sprint 15 ( Dart15 / Spark ) catamarans.

  • Appointed dealer for Goodall Design Catamarans :- F16 – Viper & F18 – C2

  • Supplier of:- catamaran equipment, replacement parts, technical support, coaching.

The “Windsport Catparts” online store delivers new boats, replacement parts and technical support for a wide range of beach and sports catamarans.

Dart / Sprint Regional Dealer Network
  • Canada (Ontario) Dart Catamaran Canada | Email | +15194323430 | Elwood Hustler
  • France (Angouleme) France Catamaran | Email | +33545921565 | Thierry Wibaux
  • Germany Kikko’s Katamaran-Shop | Email | +4962195348649 | Sebastian Schumann
  • Holland (Zanndam) Mulder Catamarans | Email | +31756156927 | Ed Mulder
  • Holland (Almere) The Sailcenter | Email | +31365408895 | Sail Center
  • Hong Kong (Wanchai) Sky International | Email | +85228275876 | Keith Mowser
  • Portugal (Setubal) Bicasco | Email | +351265752348 | Antonio Santos
  • Switzerland (Altendorf) Laser Centre Switzerland | Email | +41554425657 | Ueli AG – Patrick Hubli
  • Italy (Rome) AS.I.DART Email | +393346920373 | Martino Salvo
  • UK (Falmouth) Windsport International | Email | +441326376191 | Brian Phipps

Dart 18 NEW BOATS & REPLACEMENT PARTS. Windsport is the Official DART 18 Licensed Boat builder and supplier of ‘CLASS LEGAL’ replacement parts. Working with a team of active dealers located in various European countries and other world wide locations, Windsport are committed to supplying genuine Dart parts and quality new boats. For your nearest Regional Dealer contact Windsport

Windsport Cat Coaching: Probably the best investment you can make in turning up your racing performance, developing new skills, realising your full potential. Class specific coaching for CLUB, GROUPS, INDIVIDUALS, RACE TEAMS, from one of the UK’s most successful catamaran coaches, “Brian Phipps” and the Windsport coaching team.

Windsport Technical Support :- Sailor, dealer, friend of Dart, what ever your circumstance, the Windsport technical team can help you resolve any technical or performance problem on the Dart 18, Dart 20 and Sprint 15 catamaran products. Contact the team via email or telephone for Windsport technical support.