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2106, 2017

Soggy Shrimper cabin

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You certainly don't want a soggy shrimper!  A local Shrimper sailor in Falmouth was a bit concerned about the growing amount of water he was finding on the cockpit floor between sailing sessions. Careful investigation

1406, 2017

Shrimper Dawn

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In this years Falmouth Classics regatta many from the Falmouth Shrimper fleet plan on being out in force.  Clearly we are hoping that the Windsport's own Ysella will be joining in some of the racing and

706, 2017

Experts at flying arrive

Windsport Mylor|

We do go on a little about our Foiling academy and 'flying' Catamarans but we do have to take a step back in awe as the newest additions to the Windsport Centre take flight.   Fresh

2405, 2017

Diam 24 OD Nationals

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The UK Diam 24 OD Fleet has included Falmouth Week 2017 as one of their events in their racing calendar this year.  The outstanding racing that our location offers has been proven time and time