This time of year Cornwall’s weather can change from mild and sunny to cold, wet and windy at the drop of a hat but here at Windsport the projects still go on and preparation for next season is in full swing!

A stunning Winters day at Windsport, Mylor Yacht Harbour, Cornwall.

Office Move

The main office has moved permanently into the reception area, this brings the office and all the paperwork and filing under one roof, should make the office more efficient! I guess that will depend on Cookie and Elizabeth! Elizabeth will continue to come in on Tuesdays and Thursdays dealing with the orders and making sure they go out on time, she also keeps the correspondence up to date and clears up after Cookie!

Orders are still coming in and we are preparing for the Christmas RUSH …. over and above that office-time is filing and clearing 2013 paperwork no longer needed and bringing in and arranging for 2014 printing and advertising.   November turned out to be a busy month and we are now wondering what Father Christmas will order in times for Christmas.    Like everyone else he uses

Office Opening Times

The Office will be manned between 10am – 4pm  -Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.  Please either call and leave a message or e-mail us outside of these times and we will respond.


Alex is still working two days a week, keeping on top of the catpart store and maintaining the Centre generally, he is a great support to Brian and between them there is not much they can not tackle!  Peter is continuing to keep the website up to date.


Keeping your boat dry for the off season with Windsport Dry Boat Storage

The Under-cover winter boat storage is now full and the hard-standing has a few spaces left for secure boat winterisation, most of the dinghies are packed away and just a few boats remain “operational” in the dinghy park for those “hardy” sailors wishing to sail during the winter months.


Brian is conspicuous by his absence – He has recently been spending a lot of time in the garage store with his new “injection moulding” machine – practice makes perfect and he is doing lots of that! The Dart fleet at Restronguet Sailing Club have suddenly burst into action so he has managed to get out club racing a few times and plans some more in the run up to the Christmas Pudding Race just before Christmas when he and Tom challenge one another to the final race of the year!  Tom is the current title holder, although Brian apparently took the 2 before that – There is certainly no lacking in both festive & competitive spirit and the winner gets bragging rights for the next 12 months!!  Not sure if this is as important as Tom’s Olympic Campaign ‘Team Phipps Pascoe” but it certainly ranks highly.


That’s all for now folks!

Windsport Team – December 2013