Dee SC Dart 18 GP1Windsport support trailer @ Dee SC Dart18 Event

Dee SC hosted the first Dart 18 GP event of the year supported by the arrival of the Windsport event support and technical support trailer 1st thing Friday morning.  Blue skies and great breeze saw the  Dart 18 fleet preparing to launch with regular visits to the Windsport trailer and support team for replacement parts and advise. By the time the fleet launched the wind had dropped  to a whisper and the fleet were sent back ashore . With the tide turning the days racing was cancelled with high expectations  for the following day that was forecasted to be windy!!Windsport support trailer @ Dee SC Dart18 Event

Dee SC is a true members club where everyone pitches in and the evening socials are something they are worthy to be proud of, thankyou Dee SC for a great weekend.

Day two and the wind was back in with gusts of 28kts  leading to a few capsizes and a bit of work for the Windsport support team to keep boats on the water.  Day three was no better and even worse  so no sailing and an early trip home for everyone including the 400mile mile return trip for Windsport to their home base.

The Windsport event support trailer is a unique comprehensive service that no other catamaran or dinghy fleet provides regularly at  class events. Sailors joining the Dart 18 Class and attending Windsport supported events  can be confident that  the Windsport team is there to keep them on the water and offer advice whatever happens during the event.

For more information on  Dart 18 class sailing and  Windsport  technical / event support contact the Windsport Team.