The two day 2018 Felixstowe Ferry Catamaran Open event success was sponsored by the Windsport catamaran team with prizes and coaching vouchers. The event attracted sailors of all ages and from all sports catamaran classes with a significant number of young up and coming catamaran  sailors participating from the Felixstowe Ferry Sailing Club young sailors in catamarans program. The sun was out and the wind up giving everyone the chance to perform both on and off the water!

Felixstowe Ferry

Windsport are a leading  sport catamaran specialists providing catamaran technical support, sales and coaching in the UK and abroad. As a manufacture they provide the Dart 18 and Sprint 15 catamaran to the club sailor market, while their Goodall C2 and Viper range  have a growing influence in F18 and F16 circuit. For the more adventurous the Windsport team provide  foiling catamaran  coaching sessions on various foilers including the Phantom Elite and Phantom Essential from their home base in Falmouth Cornwall UK.

Windsport’s technical catamaran support, replacement parts, and event support are the backbone of keeping  catamaran sailors on the water whatever catamaran they sail and where ever they sail it.

The Felixstowe Ferry  event had numerus winners  in the various classes and handicap categories.