Windsport “Harbour Challenge”  2016

The object is to have fun, explore the harbour, do what you want to do & stop when you want to stop!

There are 16 harbour “hotspots” for the on-water explorers and 4 coastal “hotspots” for the walkers.

Some are easy, some a bit harder and some are really hard!

There are stopping off points, Inns / pubs and cafés on route which are accessible depending on the tide so read the notes!


The Windsport Harbour Challenge 2016

The Windsport Harbour Challenge 2016

You need a mobile phone that takes pictures, a paddle ( if you are on the water) and any other safety equipment you consider necessary for sailing or walking around the harbour area unaccompanied.


The winner will be the team to check back in at Windsport Reception having reached the most “hotspots” in the fastest time.

” Your time less the value of the hotspots visited”


There is a mass briefing at 10.30hrs and the “challenge” window opens @ 11.00hrs, which is when you get the list of “hotspots” and other information, so you can start planning your trip.

Have fun, do not take it too seriously and enjoy exploring our harbour, creeks and rivers.


Brian – Cookie and the Windsport team.