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Some say it’s a classic, others say it’s a great family day boat. Friends say you can sail almost anywhere. What we all agree is we enjoy sailing this traditional looking, spacious 19ft trailer-sailer. The Shrimper fleet in sunny Falmouth harbour is one of the biggest fleets in the country with Shrimpers bobbing happily on their moorings up every creek in the Fal estuary.

Windsport – Shrimper – Traditional Boat Sailing –  Comfortable Sailing at Leisurely Pace

Windsport Falmouth hosts various local Shrimper class events over the season, joins in the local racing and employs our own Shrimper “Ysella” to introduce new sailors to the wonders and delights of this little boat with a big heart. We are passionate about this boat and have developed a clear understanding on how to maintain and upgrade its components to ensure trouble free and pleasurable sailing.

New to sailing? Want to improve your boat skills? Thinking of buying a Shrimper? Need some Shrimper advice or replacement parts? The Windsport team are right here to help you.

Come the winter and time to layup, the Windsport undercover and open storage facility close to the water’s edge is a great location. We have a growing Shrimper winter community, and a Windsport workshop team that is happy for you to get on with your own maintenance, or ready to do it for you.

Full launch and recovery service, mast stepping, hull servicing, seasonal preparation available with the Windsport team.

For more information on all the above CONTACT THE WINDSPORT TEAM HERE.

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