Weddings at Windsport

When it comes to weddings your idea of the venue for the perfect reception is unique and something planned between you and your future partner.

Windsport does not pretend to be the classic wedding reception venue. But maybe you are looking for something a bit different? Or a bit rustic? Something you can put your mark on? If so… we might just have the venue.

In the broadest sense the Windsport location offers an open barn you can decorate however you wish, a venue to sport a marquee to suit your guest list, some fun activities, (if or when appropriate) and a warm welcome to everyone you invite.

It will be different, but step one is to visit the location and see if it fits the bill!

If you are looking for a  wedding organiser, Windsport work hand in hand with Jenny Wren Wedding and Events . Alternatively you can plan and organise your very own thing.

For more information and to arrange a location visit, CONTACT THE WINDSPORT TEAM HERE