Goodall Viper F16 - The Ultimate Catamaran

Goodall Viper (F16)

The Goodall designed “Viper” is the hot rod of all the F16 catamarans. Designed from the same pedigree and flare as the C2 team the Viper has produced fantastic results at F16 and class events often out performing larger catamarans with bigger sail areas.

The Viper is one of the few F16 catamarans with its own European and World championships, designed to meet the F16 specification you get the best of all worlds with a class that  continue to perform at the cutting edge of beach launch catamaran technology.

The Windsport team provide you with the product the tools the coaching and confidence to deliver your best results.

Things they say about the Viper

  • ISAF recognised racing class with International events.
  • F16 class box rule compliant.
  • A no excuse light weight catamaran racing machine!
  • Ideal for a wide range of sailors, ages, abilities and sailing team combinations.
  • Since its launch, has won virtually every championship. In Asia, America and Europe.
  • Epoxy construction with EVA deck grip.
  • Ideal for mixed or youth teams and a great stepping stone to Olympic sailing.
  • Sail it 1 or 2 up. Fast, light and responsive.

  • Without doubt, the fastest 5m catamaran on the planet.

Step aboard a Viper for a test sail and let the Viper speak for herself.

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Goodall Viper F16 in exciting race action