Goodall C2 (F18)

Why is the Goodall design C2 is such a strong contender in F18 sailing fleets – Find out more from Tom Phipps who has a lifetimes experience campaigning in many different high performance catamaran fleets world wide – Click Here 

The Goodall designed “C2” is the F18 flagship which has dominated so many of the F18 catamaran events around the world in recent race series. Not for the faint hearted the C2 pushes the limits of F18 class rules to deliver the power and performance that gives you the tools to make the most of your ability. Goodall do not compromise on quality, attention to detail or design. Windsport as UK Dealer do not compromise on service and customer support.

If F18 catamaran sailing is your thing, anything less than a Goodall C2 catamaran with Windsport support is a risk just not worth taking.

The C2

  • The F18 Racing machine of choice by many leading catamaran sailors.
  • Comprehensive ergonomically positioned sail control systems.
  • Highly precise gybing dagger-boards to increase upwind angles and decrease hull drag.
  • The no excuse racing machine for course racing and long distance events.
  • • Cutting edge drag reduction mast section and rig.
  • Winner of numerous F18 international racing event.

The C2 is, without doubt, a performance force to be reckoned with on the race course.

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