Shrimper sailors with Hyde sails on order through Windsport  will soon be getting delivery in preparation for the start of the season .

Hyde Shrimper sails have proven to be quick on the race course  over the last few seasons with a number of the best Shrimper sailors in Falmouth using them for racing but they are also just as at home and durable for Shrimper cruising.

Hyde Sails

Windsport Falmouth is a well know home for Shrimper sailors around Falmouth and is  looking forward to being involved in the numerous Shrimper activities taking place in the far south west of the UK this season.  (See our  Cornish Shrimper News for more details)

For more information on Windsport Shrimper storage, maintenance services and replacement Hyde sails contact the Windsport team.

01326 376191