The Windsport Dart 18 Harbour Challenge is a race against time,  selecting goals, weather / tide conditions and team work. The winning team will the team that balance all of these challenges to achieve the best score within
the challenge time window. Any Dart 18 crew can participate with no entry fee.  They take part of their own free will, at their own risk, being responsible for their own safety and security. Each team needs to carry a fully charged mobile phone that takes pictures protected in a water proof envelope / Aquapac.
It is recommended that participates carry on board, normal personal safety equipment, suitable clothing,  and personal flare, just in case a real emergency arises.

How it works

1)    When you decide to start, each participating team  will collect from Windsport a basic chart of the Fal Estuary along with a list of locations (targets) to be visited within the harbour heads.  There will be clear and concise information on how your “selfie” should be recorded at each of the visited goals.

2)The clock starts for each individual team, from when they choose to leave the start location (Windsport office ) to when they return, within the challenge time window.  There will be a mass start option @ 11.00hrs for all who can make it or you can start individually, anytime after the 11.00hrs window opens but be back by 18.00hrs !
3)      Individual teams decide on the best route for them to take based on factors of, weather and tide conditions, sailing time and location of the goal points. Each goal has a value  the higher values being further away or more challenging to reach.
4)      The winning combination will be the value of the goals reached less the stopwatch time from signing out to the teams return.  Points will be deducted for goals not reached and for a team not returning within the challenge time window.
5)     The Windsport Dart 18 Harbour Challenge will end the day with a Windsport Sponsored Beer & Sausage Sizzle BBQ at the centre where the results will be presented and the winner announced!

To pre enter the Windsport challenge and bag an extra sausage follow this

The “Windsport Dart18 Harbour Challenge” starts and finishes @ the Windsport office

The “Windsport Dart18 Harbour Challenge” Window opens @ 11.00hrs and close @ 18.00hrs

The “Windsport Dart18 Harbour Challenge” aims @ a 3-4 hour sailing session to complete all the goals.

The “Windsport Dart18 Harbour Challenge”  date is Friday 1st of July pre the SW / GP Dart 18 event.

The “Windsport Dart18 Harbour Challenge”  Sponsored Beer & Sausage Sizzle BBQ starts @ 19.00hrs.
Accommodation options.
1)      Various styles of accommodation is available around the area to follow
2)       Limited camping  for small tents and motorhomes is available at Windsport from Thursday 1st evening but you need to pre book to ensure a slot.

For futher information or pre challenge questions contact the Windsport team.
01326 376191 <>