After a good Day 1 start by the Team the event progressed as Brian Reports:

Tough day in the office for us today . 

The wind filled in  to get the fleet on the water and it did not take long to reach the sailing area downwind with  4kt + current under us all. 

Race 1 showed great promise, having tacked out of the tide and calling a great windward mark lay line.  Rounding 3rd we were on a roll to hit the gate in a close second. Team went right to get out of the tide , lead boat went right . Wind shifted half way up the beat from 240 to 210  we got screwed over but still managed a 2nd

 Race  2 and whilst  we  missed a few of the tricks we held a 3rd place , but we needed to close down the  Thailand team if we can. 

 Race 3  and things go a bit pair shaped,  a confrontation at the windward mark with the other Hong Kong boat   unsettles us we miss  more than a few  tricks as we settle back into the race. 

Finish a disappointing 8th  and  after a long day on the water have a protest against us from the windward mark  incident. 

The team are clear in their minds their manoeuvre was all good , attend the protest meeting and deliver their side to the jury.  All good the jury actually  saw the incident on the water and agreed no rule was broken, all we have to do now is put the boat back on the track and do what we have been doing in all the other races!

They say” it is not over until the fat lady sings”,  which relates to a large lady singing a closing song at the end of a  music hall  / theatre evening  and so it is with  the final days of the ISAF Qingdao World Cup sailors on the Nacra course . 

With individual teams results mounting up  and the opportunity to improve your position in the fleet reducing , things happen .

For the HK team Ting/Choi they found themselves on the end of what appeared  to be a team race event with the china teams. 

Some see it differently of course, but jury has made a clear warning to all.

Despite the challenge the team fought back  found some space on the first leg of the last race of the day to lead out with Singapore finishing 1st and HK  2nd and closing the gap between 3rd and 2nd place over all. 

So we go into the medal race with all boats on double points and a short two lap course.  Forecast looks light, we hope the medal race will take place  and we can haul ourselves back into at least second position.

Coaches briefing 9.30am , boat inspection 11.00am, race time 12.00am. here goes. 


Update . 

Race took place in light wind and a racing tide same for all the fleets . HK team took a stb line start and went right with the tide under them. Few minutes after the start what wind there was started to fill from the left , team fought back to gain some spaces but the  overall position was just out of reach on double points.IMGA0485

So off to the prize ceremony, 3rd place over all, congratulations to Singapore and there coach Toni they sailed an almost perfect event and deserved there slot at the Olympics , our HK team wish them well.

The boat is being loaded in the container bound for Hong Kong, I am winging my way back to Sunny Cornwall UK and Choi and Ting are going to take a few days well-earned rest. 

Thx to all the teams  supporters and sponsors and the Hong Kong Sports Institute for supporting them at this event .

Highest placed HK finishing boat with more to come!


Windsport coach