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Cornish Shrimper News

1903, 2018

Cornish Shrimper Sales


The Windsport Cornish Shrimper Sales team are right on the button if you are looking for a 19ft Cornish Shrimper to sail this  season.  Some Windsport clients, who, for a variety of reasons, have decide

402, 2018

Shrimper’s this Spring


The Windsport Falmouth team pride themselves on providing a comprehensive service to "Shrimper Sailors" and despite all the other areas of our Windsport business being busy in preparation for the season our bumper workload, in preparation for the

2911, 2017

Shrimper Winter Work


Winter work on Cornish Shrimpers. Work and  servicing of  various Cornish Shrimpers stored undercover and on hard standing with Windsport over the winter is off to an early start thanks to their owners taking advantage

611, 2017

Windsport Shrimper Cover

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Windsport continually try to develop the best products for the job and our Shrimper cover is no exception.  Keeping you boat in storage in good condition means less time preparing it and more time on