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09017 Accessories. The Catamarn Book. From Start to Finish.Written by Tom and Brian Phipps Windsport Cat Clinic Coaching. (The book for all catamaran sailors, covering the important basic catamaran skills to your first race, championships / international regatta, performance tuning / techniques and the future of foiling catamarans. NOTE :- Total price shown includes free shipping to UK mainland.)
09046 . 2017-2020 + Race Flag sticker (With explanations.)
09085 . "The Rules in Parctice 2017 - 2020" Uk mainland shipping included in total cost (The best book for explaining the rules of sail racing whatever craft you sail. Great examples of situations , clear explinations and useful information from pre start to back on the beach including that potential protest!)
10002 Personal Equipment. Trapeze spreader bar with quick release hook safety system.RWO QR trapeze spreader bar. (Fits most standard trapeze harnesses. Replacement hooks available see item 10003)
02240 . Clamcleat Powergrip (Used for tightening thin lines like trampoline lacing or pulling halyards..)
09031 Accessories. Cat Hawk wind-indicator (Suitable for SP15 / D20 and other similar catamarans)
09042 . Insulation tape (Maxi reel.)
09044 . Hull Sponge (Max absorption.)
09045 . Summer style sailing gloves S-M-L-XL (Leather palmes , wrist strap, two short fingers. State size required during confirmation of order in the " extra details" section.)
09048 . Silicon Spray 500ml NB. Not available via standard Post Office service. Carrier service only. (Ideal for lubricating moving parts, gennaker chutes , luff grooves, etc.)
09051 . Winter sailing gloves. S-M-L-XL ( Full neoprean warmth & protection, wrist strap, leather palm. State size required during confirmation of order in the " extra details" section.)
21033 . Sailors Combie Shackle Key and Knife set . (Every cat sailor should carry one!!)
03019 Sails/Tramp & battens. Sail bag. (Suitable for D18 / SP15 / D20 and other catamarans, bag size 280cm x 30cm.)
09001 Accessories. Sprint 15 Boat Park Cover - Windsport Airflow. We use a high quality fully impregnated 560 gsm PVC Polyester that is UV stabilised and provides a robust long lasting cover.
09002 Accessories. Universal padded rudder cover set with quality padding and carrying handles. Extended protection for blade and rudder head. (Suitable for D18 / SP15 / D20 / D16 and most other catamarans.Other colours avalible as special order )
09003 Accessories. Sprint 15 set of Hull covers (Towing hull covers. Allow you to tow with boat assembled or broken. Standard supplied color Grey.)
09011 Accessories. Mast /rigging Boot. Protect those shrouds lines, shackles, and rigging bits whilst towing with a easy to fit mast boot.
09018 Accessories. Dart 18 "Windsport Airflow" Boat Park cover deluxe. We use a high quality fully impregnated 560 gsm PVC Polyester that is UV stabilised and provides a robust long lasting cover.
09019 . D18 Set of Hull covers. Protect your boat from road dirt, grease, and scratches. (Suitable for towing with hulls assembled or disassembled. Ideal for winter storage protection. Std coulor Grey.)
09021 Accessories. Hobie Tiger hull cover set for towing.
09022 Accessories. Hobie Tiger "Windsport Airflow" Boat Cover. We use a high quality fully impregnated 560 gsm PVC Polyester that is UV stabilised and provides a robust long lasting cover.
09023 Accessories. Hobie 16 "Windsport Airflow" trampoline cover. We use a high quality fully impregnated 560 gsm PVC Polyester that is UV stabilised and provides a robust long lasting cover.
09024 Accessories. Heavy duty mast cover and foot sock to suit 7 - 8m masts approx ie. D18 / SP15 / D16/ H16 and many other non-diamond wire catamarans. The mast allows for quick fitting and the foot sock designed to take spanner-bar, cleats and lower fittings. We use a high quality fully impregnated PVC Polyester that is UV stabilised and provides, robust long lasting protection. (The two piece quick-fit mast sock includes quick-slip straps and accomodates mast fittings like spanner ba,r cleats, rigging. Hi visual ends provide safety, and each section can be used independantly for shorter masts or as a mast heel boot. We use high qualityimpregnated PVC polyester UV stablised.)
09030 Accessories. Hobie 15 Windsport "Air Flow" Boat Park Cover. We use a high quality fully impregnated 560 gsm PVC Polyester that is UV stabilised and provides a robust long lasting cover.
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09041 . Universal padded Daggerboard / Foil bag with padded separator & carrying handles. (Suitable for F18 / Spitfire / F16 and other daggerboard boats.)
09079 . Dart 18 UV Lycra stretch boat cover. Ideal for event use, easy to pack, quick to fit. (Not suiatble for all year round protection)
09081 . Universal Gennaker sock cover Protect your Gennaker sock from UV and the elements in the boat park with this easy to fit Lycra style sock cover (Fits gennaker hoops up to 32cm diameter. Socks for larger size hoops alvailble as special order.)
02082 fitting. "PRADDLE" easy store paddle (Suitable for SP15 storage hatch/ trampoline bag. (Not class spec for D18))
02298 . Telescopic Paddle (D18 class legal suitable for most catamarans)
07003 Foils. Carbon tiller extension std length 1800mm. Fits RWO UJ joint. Other lengths avaliable on request up to 2500mm.
09050 . Compact "Skeg Protectors" per pair (Pair suitable for Dart18 - Sprint 15 and other similar shaped craft.)
20029 . Big Wheel Skeg protector set ( Sturdy light weight units to protect your skegs when using a big wheel launching trolley. (suitable for D18, SP15))
09082 . Gelcoat Medium cutback compound 500ml, for use when carring out gelcoat repairs or in preperation for a gelcoat hull ploish. Make your boat shine ! or finsih off your gelcoat repair. (For gelcoat UV polish protection see item )
09083 . Gelcoat UV wax polish 500ml. Protect your hull gelcoat colour and make your boat shine! Used in conjunction with medium gelcoat cutback compound. (See item 09083 for medium cutback compound. )
20011 . Gelcoat 125ml. Stock colours:- White / Dawn Gray / Vela Gray gelcoat. Please state gelcoat colour require in additional info section of order sheet. For see item 21021 (Gelcoat cannot be shipped by post. Carrier shipping only. )
21021 . 20ml Gelcoat Catalyst (Sufficient for 125ml gelcoat NOTE . Catalyst cannot be sent by post. Carrier delivery only. )
21022 . 20ml Gelcoat Wax additive (Sufficient for 125ml gelcoat NOTE . Wax can be used to harden the surface of repair gelcoat exposed to the air.Wax cannot be sent by post. Carrier delivery only. )
09073 . Professional Rig Tension Gauge . Loos PT-1M suable for wires size 2.5 - 4mm. Ideal for performance catamarans , dinghies and sports boats (By using a rig tension gauge you start to uderstand how yor rig works and can record your fast settings.)
09074 . Rig-Sense 2 -5mm wire. The very latest in Rig tension gauges, a step up in accuracey. Complete with App software (As seen on Youtube. Spinlock Rig Sense.)

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