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01296 . Launching Trolley Washer (Stainless Steel 25mm dia.)
01297 . Launching Trolley R clip s (Galv 3.5mm suitable for 25mm axle)
09052 . Universal protective padding for trolley cups. price per meter square. ( Non absorbant padding ideal for trolley cup lining. Colour may vary. Link to suitable adhesive for most trolley cup re-cover applications )
09063 . Trolley axle conversion tube set. ( Set of tubes use to convert a axle or trolley cup support from 25, 35, 45, and 50mm . Each insert slides into the next to reduce or increase the working diameter required. Ideal for 50mm Euro trax trolley cups fitting 35mm trolley axles. )
21043 . Standard small wheel trolley, 2.0m connectng bar axle, with inserts. Suitable for 25mm stub axles as fitted to many trolley cups ( Suitable for boats up to 86" / 2.6m wide . Note:- Cut connecting bar axle to fit width of trolley required. See Suitable style trolley cup. )
09035 . Universal lighting board frame and mast support. For use with most trailerable catamarans. Pintle distance (Suitable for D18, D20, SP15 . Varible Pintle distace from ???? to ???. NB.Lighting board NOT included, for display purposes only.)
09036 . Universal mast support. Extension height 100cm - 180cm. Base plate fits box section 40mm plus (U bolts and plates for trailer draw bar not included.)
09054 . Lighting board complete suitable for various catamarans ( 7ft wide - 8m cable.)
09005 Accessories. Universal road trailer. Suitable for SP15, D16, D18, D20 and most other beach catamarans. Lighting board not included. (Please state class of catamaran. Contact Windsport for modifications and accessories.Specification of Stock trailer:- GTW 350KG. Wheel size 8".Max keel line to keel line support 220cm.( boats up to 8ft 6ins (260cm) wide)Std Mast support height from ball hitch 140cm )
09013 Accessories. Std trolley wheel 400 x 8. For use on 25mm or 35mm diameter axle.Heavy duty tyre option also available, ask for details. ( (link to suitable inner tube))
09032 . Heavy duty road tyre 400 x 8 suitable for road use or as a robust trolley wheel tyre. ( (link to suitable inner tube))
09034 . Tube Inner to fit 400 x 8 tyre / standard launching trolley wheel
09007 Accessories. EuroTrax Trolley Cups ALL SHAPES IN STOCK. state type of catamaran / hull when completing order process. ( Vee cups suitable for skeg hulls ie. D18 / SP15 / D20 / D16 etc. Other cups available from stock for various shaped hulls, Spitfire, F18, C2 , Viper, Nacra, Hobie etc. Please state boat type on order. Std axle fitting diameter 50mm, small diameter 35mm avalible please call. Other Eurotrax replacement parts listed below or available on request. link to screw clamps if required )
09012 Accessories. GRP. trolley cup with 25mm stub axle fixing. (Suitable for D18 / SP15/D20/D16 Available as Vee or U shaped cup , please state when ordering.)
09055 . Aysemetrical Euro-trax trolley cupSuitable for H16/ H14 and other similar shaped hull. ( Suits 50mm axle.)
09062 . EuroTrax Trolley Cup. ( U cup suitable for hulls approx 45cm wide ie. Viper, F16, F18, Nacra 17 etc. Other cups available from stock for various shaped hulls, Spitfire, Dart, Hobie etc. Please state boat type on order. Std axle fitting diameter 50mm, small diameter 35mm avalible please call. Other Eurotrax replacement parts listed below or available on request. ( link to screw clamp if required )
22016 . Std small wheel catamaran launching trolley. Vee or U cup (Please state, class of boat, cup shape required and width of boat:- . centreline to centreline of hulls.)
09006 Accessories. Euro Trax trolley with big wheels various cup options:-D18,SP15, D16 & similar catamararans Vee cupsSpitfire, Hurricane, Hobie Tiger, Tornado & similarcatamrans round cupsH16, Prindle16 & similar catamarans assymetric cupsC2, Viper , Nacra17, A class and similar catamarans wide U cups. (Grip tread as std, Smooth tread special order on request. State Vee or U shaped trolley cup when ordering and type of catamaran. Read shipping cost note when ordering. Needs assembly and tyre inflation on delivery.)
09008 Accessories. Big wheel inner tube to suit 21 x 12 x 8 wheels. Other Eurotrax replacement parts available on request. ( )
09026 Accessories. Big wheel tyre & rim unit. Grip tread as standard. Smooth tread special order on request ( (link to" Big wheel" inner tube))
09033 Accessories. Big wheel launching trolley tyre smooth or knobbly option ( Indicated tread choice when processing details of your order (link to suitable inner tube) )
09037 . Cat-trax trolley cup bracket s/s 50mm
09038 . Screw Cat-trax trolley cup clamp
09039 . Cat -trax bearing cage (Complete.)
09040 . Cat-trax bearing clamp. Allen key style. (For QUICK RELEASE bearing clamp see item 09064)
09049 . Euro Trax roller cage washer
09064 . "QUICK RELEASE" cat trax bearing clamp and release bolt. Saves all that fiddling with allen keys !! (The alternatie clamp to item 09040)
09070 . QUICK RELEASE Bolt to suit Cat Trax bearing clamp. Retro fit to original bearing clamp. Replaces allan key arrangment (No tools required to release your bearing clamps.)
09075 . Euro trax trolley cup fixing replacement kit ( Use to re- rivet the s/s bracket to the trolley cup body.)
09010 Accessories. Trolley ext handle, adjustable length. (Can be used on Eurotraxt & Catrax trolleys 50mm central axle )
09047 . Cat trax axle extension unit. (required for Tornado cat-trax ) (Suitable for hull keel lines up to 4m wide )
09056 . Replacement 2 piece Eurotrax axle 50mm dia 2380mm length

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