In a major coup Windsport sailing Centre selected as the sailing base for the Invictus GBR LAC challenge. With Windsport and its partners RSC and MYC, being selected as the hosts for the 2013 LAC World Championships the Invictus team decided to establish their on-water development program from the same location as the boats will launch in  August 2013. Brian Phipps and the Windsport team are looking forward to supporting the Invictus team with services and technical support.  Tom Phipps has also been enrolled as one of the team to help push the British Challenge to the front of the fleet.  If you would like to be kept up to date with LAC News and information please e-mail us and we will keep you up to date. The C-Class Catamaran is a high-performance developmental class sailing catamaran. They are very light boats which use rigid wing sails and can sail at twice the speed of the wind.  They are used for match races known as the LAC and for the International C-Class Catamaran Championship.