//Chocks away! – These boat fly……. After 2 days

Chocks away! – These boat fly……. After 2 days

Day 1 lost in the fog and no races recorded.  The Portugese found issues with their front beam and went straight into repair mode so already one boat down. Then a misty day 2 arrived with enough visibility to run 3 races and boy was it a shakedown in terms of challenging conditions.  Gusty winds up to 20 knots lead to the race team laying a course just inside the harbour. It proved to be a leveller for many of the boats in terms of handling and control  as well as ensuring structurally the boats are not compromised. All the races were covered with live on line GPS tracking as well as  real time video feeds. The story of the racing unfolding proves that the foiling boats have an edge in terms of overall speeds over the more traditional designs. Here are some photos from Day 1 in the fog and then links to a Video and Race report on Day Two’s Carnage and the first 3 races: http://vimeo.com/75282563 http://theflyingboats.com/iccc-falmouth-2013-groupama-c-dominates-amongst-the-damage/ Today’s broadcast  by Sailing Anarchy at Ustream Event Website: theflyingboats.com C-Class Facebook Page: facebook.com/ICCCC.2013 Little Cup Live Video @ UStream: ustream.tv/user/cclasscats Live Tracking @ Sailracer: Here HD video @ Vimeo: vimeo.com/cclasscats Twitter Feed: twitter.com/cclasscats Hashtag: #LittleCup The first HD movie for the 2013 Little Cup is now live on vimeo at vimeo.com/75119607

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